A “Donkey” As a Fictional Character



Why I Chose a Donkey

When I write short stories for children, I like to use an animal that children can relate to at their young age.  Not only that, I hope that my religious fiction stories with a fictional character using a donkey can apply to their young lives also.  In addition, I figured that a donkey was also a popular animal for means of transportation in both the Old and New Testament in the Holy Bible as well.

This is why I chose a donkey for my published rhyming story for children, “Doty the Donkey–A Flight to Egypt.”  Also, despite the fact, a donkey was obviously used to carry Mary and baby Jesus to Egypt too.  (More of “Doty the Donkey” stories to come in the near future).

How I Chose The Name, “Doty”

Back in the year of 2014, I was in my living room at my apartment watching TV drinking my hazelnut coffee.  I do not know what happened that day.  But I do remember it was getting towards the end of summer that year.  I was on my couch and the name, “Doty the Donkey” popped in my head all of a sudden.

All I could think of was how did the name “Doty” just came to mind???  I remember repeating it in my head and liked the sound of it.  I have to admit that many years ago, I was in touch with friends whose last name was Doty.  I do not know if that is reason why it came to my mind subconsciously or what.

I looked up and typed the name “Doty” on Google.  I was pleased that the name stood for “Brave and Strong.”  But if you type in “doty” with a lower case letter “d” it stood for a decaying mind.  I became nervous because the way my mind thinks,  sometimes I thought God was telling me I will get dementia someday.  Then I realize my book with the name “Doty” will always have a capital “D”, which I stated earlier, stood for “Brave and Strong.”  WHEW!!!

How is “Doty” Pronounced?

I was a bit surprised on how the name “Doty” was pronounced to me.  I had so many wonderful people pronounce the name wrong.  They would say the name like it was pronounced “Dottie.”  In reality, it is pronounce with a long letter “O” sound.  Like Doughty or something.  It was really quite cute and I had to chuckle.  Even the folks where my book was published said it wrong too.  But that’s ok.  That is all I have to say this week.  Have a great week ahead and God Bless with the greatest love!!!

If you like to order my book, you can go to dotythedonkey.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Thank you.


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