My First Children’s Book Publication

An Exciting Moment

jesusanddotyIt is really an exciting moment to know that I had published my first children’s book, “Doty the Donkey–A Flight to Egypt.” My main goal in this is to try to get more children to know what is in the Bible at a young age. We are living in a society where more people are slipping away from God.

I figured, in writing short stories in religious fiction for children, my goal is for all children to learn what is in the Bible. I try to use Bible-related events and rhyming in all my stories for children to easily remember. Why am I doing this?? Because I feel this is very important for children to know God more.

My Outlet in Life

I work many hours with a full time job and a part time job every week. But I have to chuckle from what my boss told me at my full time job after I asked him if he could read and edit my upcoming religious “Doty the Donkey” short story. He said, “Is this what you do on your weekends?” I laughed because within the last few months, I have given him approximately five “Doty the Donkey’s” short stories to edit.

Yes, you can probably imagine with working two jobs and writing religious fiction for children, I have no life. But to me, I am ok with that. Why? Because I very much enjoyed writing religious fiction stories for children. To me, this is my outlet in life. I will be the first to admit this, I very much love doing this.

A Website Will Be Launched

I have another website that was built in promoting my book,“Doty the Donkey–A Flight to Egypt.”There, you can also order more besides Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This website will give you a more detail information about my book. (I have to say, Amazon is pretty good about this also). Every time a new book will get published, this website will get updated with new information put on it.

As of right now, I cannot disclose my website’s name as of yet as they are currently working on the final details. I do apologize for that. I will let you know shortly the website’s name.

Why A Religious Children Book?

I do not want to sound like I am repeating myself; however, I probably am and I do not mean it. But I feel if children read a Godly faith based story at a young age and grasp it, I firmly believe they will lead better lives when they become an adult. Now this is my faith and opinion.

Some will agree or disagree with this. (I can imagine my email soon). But this is one of the reasons why I write religious fiction short stories for children. I am not afraid of promoting God. Hopefully, the children who read Doty the Donkey, will not be afraid of promoting God also someday. If that came true, then my reward has been accomplished and answered. Thanks for reading this, more to come. God Bless.

My First Book

My first children’s publication, “Doty the Donkey–A Flight to Egypt” is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. More of “Doty the Donkey” will be published in the upcoming years. My goal right now, is to publish every 1.5 to 2 years for children to become more aware of a fictional character, named “Doty the Donkey.”


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